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Copy Writer


We are an award-winning  digital fundraising firm that delivers real results for campaigns. We develop, market, and spread the message for campaigns based on data-driven results.


Our firm is seeking a Copy Writer who will craft compelling and persuasive fundraising messages, create engaging email campaigns and collaborate with the design team on copy that resonate with our target audience.

How you’ll make an impact:

  • Crafting compelling and persuasive fundraising messages that resonate with your target audience

  • Creating engaging email campaigns that encourage supporters to donate and take action

  • Collaborating with the design team to create visually appealing and effective fundraising landing pages

  • Conducting thorough research on your candidate and the issues they stand for to ensure all messaging is accurate and aligned with their values

  • Continuously testing and optimizing messaging and tactics to maximize fundraising results and impact.


Why we’ll love you:

  • 1-3 years of experience in copywriting, focusing on fundraising and political messaging.

  • Skilled in communication and passionate about crafting persuasive and impactful messages.

  • Dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and fundraising.

  • A team player who thrives in a collaborative environment and values open communication and feedback.

  • Passionate about your candidate's platform and am committed to helping them achieve their fundraising goals to impact their community positively.


Why you’ll love us:

  • You’ll be surrounded by a collaborative team that works together in supportive and creative environment 

  • “Always be growing”- We invest in growing our employees both personally and professionally

  • We want A-player employees, so we offer A-player benefits such as PTO, 401k plans, unlimited sick days, medical benefits, flexible scheduling, etc. (for full-time employees)

  • 100% remote position 

  • This is a temporary contract with growth potential.



About working at our company:


Here at Politicoin, we welcome innovation and new ideas. We do not want this to be just a boring job; we want you to test, try and grow! Our team-oriented atmosphere allows you to showcase your work while bringing along those who have partnered with you. If you are ready to win elections and make new collaborations in our field, join our ever-growing fundraising department.

** Please note that a link or copy of a writing sample is required when applying. Any resumes and applications that do not include a writing sample will not be considered.

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