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Our Mission

At Politicoin, we know that a successful campaign or committee can only be successful if you have the upper hand in raising money and communicating with your constituents.

2022 Reed Award for Best Fundraising Email Creative/Copy for Gubernatorial Campaign

2023 AAPC Pollie Award - Gold - Best Use of Mobile Technology

2023 AAPC Pollie Award - Silver - Best Use of Phones/SMS

2023 Reed Award - Best use of Online Targeting for House/Senate -Republica

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Politicoin's expert team of fundraisers, marketers, innovators and designers create award-winning campaigns that drive your agenda while increasing your online donations.


Our fundraising approach is both customized to your campaign and data-driven to ensure success. With years of experience and testing, we have perfected the system we know will work for you.

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Our Clients Include:

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